Emergency Dentist in Toronto

Emergency Dental & Same-Day Services in Toronto

At Emergency Dental 365, we offer same-day emergency services for the following dental ailments:

1. Toothaches/pain

Toothaches, pain, and sensitivity are often caused by minor conditions that need immediate treatment.

2. Broken teeth

Broken teeth can lead to severe jaw pain and serious infections, and they must be extracted or fixed immediately.

3. Lost fillings

Lost fillings must be replaced in order to prevent infection and return teeth to optimal functionality.

4. Broken dentures

Our dentists can help fix and replace broken dentures, so you can enjoy eating again.

5. Recommendation for crowns or bridges

Crowns and bridges often come loose and must be re-cemented to ensure their integrity.

6. Extractions

Broken, cracked, and rotting teeth may require complete extraction to ensure the long-term health of the patient.

7. Abscess

A dental abscess signifies that an infection is present in the gums or jaw, which can compromise your entire bite.

8. Emergency root canals

Root canals cause significant pain and must be addressed as early as possible to prevent further deterioration.

9. Knocked-out teeth

Our dental professionals can fix or replace knocked-out teeth to return your smile to its original shine.

10. Orthodontic emergency care

Serious trauma and injuries can damage your teeth, gums, and mouth — we offer same-day care to help prevent long-term damage.

Leading Emergency Dental Clinic In Toronto

At Emergency Dental 365, we pride ourselves on making our patients feel comfortable in every aspect of their dental care. We understand that dental conditions must be treated immediately in order for the patient to see the most positive long-term results, which is why we offer emergency dental services and same-day dental care to our patients.

Our experienced dental professionals offer comprehensive dental services for a variety of ailments, and our same-day services are available 7 days/week. For emergency dental work, simply fill out our Emergency Dental Medical History Form and the dentist can see you immediately. We will then work with your insurance company to cover qualified expenses.

How to Contact Us

In the event of a dental emergency, call our team immediately. We offer comprehensive same-day emergency services for all patients, and our team works with you to fill out insurance forms and forward our reports to your dentist after the procedure is complete.


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What is considered to be a dental emergency ? Is it a broken tooth, broken dentures, an avulsed or knock out tooth, uncontrolled pain from a tooth ache or a dental abscess, uncontrolled intra-oral bleeding or hemorrhage, an orthodontic dental emergency, an infected tongue piercing, unexplained sudden or chronic changes in tooth colour, gum or gingival colour, or texture, a veneer or crown that had been dislodged, a mobile dental implant, a foreign body embedded in the intra-oral soft tissue or between the teeth, non healing intra-oral ulcerations, a broken orthodontic retainer to name a few? The answer, at least according to the dental emergency… Read More

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